Firmware Update: Linksys BEFSR11/41/U31 Cable/DSL Router

On the site of Linksys is a new Firmware download for the Linksys BEFSR11, BEFSR41 & BEFSRU31. Some very attractive fixes can be found in the release notes:


1.Fixed DHCP server probem that assign one IP address to 2 PCs

2.Fixed traceroute problem under router mode(traceroute can not find out the Linksys router)

3.Fixed ip filter problem when start ip is bigger then end ip

4.Fixed Log radio disappear when click Cancel button on Log UI page

5.Fixed some time user can see the UI page without password problem

6.Fixed PCC prompts “This version needs the special router” when installation

7.Change the aging time of AOL application (#5190) connection to 90 minutes.

8.Modify UI pages to fix the banner problem in Netscape 4.7, 6.0

Version number 1.40.2
Operating systems DOS
Website Linksys