Firefox 90 with function to update when browser is closed has appeared

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Mozilla has released Firefox 90. The Windows version can now also update when the browser is not running. Chromium browsers have had such functionality for some time. Furthermore, as announced, ftp support has been completely removed from Firefox 90.

The background update feature was already being tested in beta versions, and Mozilla developers gave details about it in April. The Firefox profile performs periodic checks on Windows to see if there is a browser update. Even if the browser is not in use, an update can be made. Users can turn this off by changing the BackgroundAppUpdate setting at about:preferences. Chromium browsers, such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, have been using such updates in the background for some time.

Mozilla hasn’t published the Firefox 90 release notes at the time of writing, but ghacks lists some of the innovations in the browser. As previously announced, ftp support has been completely removed from Firefox. As of version 88, ftp was already disabled by default. Users who still want to use ftp with Firefox can do so with extensions.

Also new is the about:third-party page, which lists modules injected into Firefox that are not from Microsoft or Mozilla. The page gives users insight into that and can provide details about compatibility issues. Firefox 90 is a relatively minor update. At the beginning of June, Firefox 89 came out with the new Proton interface.

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