Filmmaker mode for Philips TVs from 2021, no HDMI 2.1 for 2020 models

TP Vision presented its new LCD and OLED TVs for 2020 on Tuesday, causing a lack of clarity about HDMI 2.1 and the filmmaker mode. That mode will in any case be available for Philips TVs that come out in 2021; HDMI 2.1 is missing from the TVs for this year.

Rasmus Enger Larsen, an economist and tech enthusiast who founded the FlatpanelsHD website, writes that the movie maker mode will be available in Philips TVs due in 2021. This mode, which was partly created by a lobby of Hollywood directors, may also come to models that appear on the market this year, but that is not yet certain. Larsen reports that Philips is still looking into this. TP Vision presented some new OLED TVs and LCD TVs on Tuesday.

The movie maker mode is intended to provide viewers with a viewing experience as the makers of movies intended. This mode responds to that by disabling custom colors, extra frames from image interpolation, aberrations, sharpening, and other image enhancement techniques. How this mode will be implemented is not yet known. In any case, it can be done via metadata in the video signal, but users can also manually switch on the mode via a button on the remote control.

It was previously reported that the movie maker mode is coming to TVs from Samsung, Philips, LG, Panasonic and Vizio, but according to Larsen, that was Funai in the case of Philips. Funai is the company that sells Philips branded televisions in North America. TP Vision is responsible for the sales of Philips TVs in Europe.

In addition, it now appears that the Philips TVs that TP Vision will release in Europe this year do not support HDMI 2.1. The company has confirmed that. The auto low latency mode will be supported. This mode, which is standard part of hdmi 2.1, but can also be present on televisions with hdmi 2.0, allows an external device such as a game console to send a signal to the television with which the screen automatically switches on a mode with the lowest possible latency . For example, this mode is already on the Philips OLED TVs that TP Vision released last year.

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