Fall Guys developer accidentally puts game code online in update

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Fall Guys developer Mediatonic accidentally distributed his game’s code in a Steam update for the game. The map FallGuys_client_BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame namely went along.

The game was created with Unity and according to its documentation, this folder contains “data needed to debug your game, including PDB files with debug info and C ++ code generated from the scripts”. Also the managed dlls be present. Pavel Djundik, founder of, among others, SteamDB, rang the bell about the case. Mediatonic then withdrew the changes.

It is not entirely certain how sensitive the information is. Djundik speaks of ‘the game code’, while a commenter and volunteer KDE-sysadmin states that it is ‘not original source code, just il2cpp output’. That would still be “more interesting for hackers than diving straight into the .exe and .dll files.” Il2cpp is the intermediate language to C ++ and is converted by Unity into C ++, which is then converted into a binary for a specific platform, such as Windows.

According to SteamDB’s timeline, the update was ready from Thursday to Friday, with a total time frame of 28.5 hours. PC Gamer has asked Mediatonic for a response, but has not yet responded.

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