Facebook’s accounts on Instagram and Twitter briefly taken over by hackers

Facebook’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked on Friday. Hacker group ‘OurMine’ posted several posts on those accounts to make this known. The burglary reportedly happened via the social media platform Khoros.

OurMine posted tweets announcing who they were and that “even Facebook can be hacked” and that they should be contacted if they want to purchase their security services. It was a constant cat-and-mouse game between Facebook and OurMine, with the tech giant deleting the tweets until OurMine could be revoked. It concerned the accounts of Facebook and Messenger on Twitter and Instagram. Only one tweet from Facebook itself in which it acknowledges the incident, remains.

The group is also said to have been behind the hacks on the social media accounts of Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, Netflix, HBO, Variety and ESPN. Tweets always state through which platform they were sent. In the case of the hackers’ tweets, it was Khoros. that platform acknowledges that has been the victim of a phishing attack. As a result, the platform is still down at the time of writing.