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Facebook Pages For Science

Facebook Pages For Science


Nature: This page provides a great outlet for lovers of animals and nature. Check out the reader posts as well as what Nature posts. There are some great discussions!

Wildlife S.O.S: If helping animals is something you are passionate about , then check out Wildlife S.O.S.! Their page has many links where readers can sign up to help.


Wired: The Wired Facebook page is run by Wired Magazine. The magazine, like its Facebook page, reports on new technologies and how they impact business, entertainment, science and politics.

Popular Science: Science news and technology combined. Check out the reader comments too!

PhysOrg: Since it’s founding in 2004, PhysOrg has been reporting on space, medicine, physics, nanotechnology, earth science, electronics, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering and mathematics. Other educators communicate openly in the comments section under each article.


Bill Nye: Bill Nye The Science Guy has an official Facebook page now. We love how The Science Guy always makes science fun and interesting!

Al Gore: Al Gore has been busy with his Facebook page. The former Vice-President is passionate about the environment and often shares news on the climate, weather, and nature.


Physics Today: Learn about what’s hot in the world of physics. Check out the “Free Articles” section for informative and interesting articles.

APS Physics: This page has a great mix of physics videos, articles, links, and comments.

Marine Biology

Marine Conservation Biology Insitute: Do you love learning about marine life? This Facebook page has amazing links, articles, and videos all about ocean life.

Shedd Aquarium: The Shedd Aquarium page has great photos and interactive features perfect for kids and adults. Be sure to take a look at their outstanding Photos section.


NASA: 2Explore: If you’re looking for space news, check out NASA‘s Facebook page. They provide up-to-date and accurate information about recent missions, space weather, and other astronomy related topics.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO): For gorgeous photos of space check out this page. Also, NRAO‘s Facebook page has readers who love to share their knowledge of astronomy.

ESO Astronomy: This is the Facebook Page for the European Southern Observatory. They provide excellent astronomy news and links. Also, check out the picture of the week!

Health & Wellness

Discovery Health: Discovery Health is run by Discovery Channel. It provides great links to health related articles. They post relevant, timely articles and encourage open discussions.

National Institutes of Health: Do you love learning about the newest scientific research? Do you love reading actual research papers? NIH’s Facebook page is the place to look for detailed scientific studies. The page also provides great links to other Facebook Pages.


National Geographic: This Facebook page provides breathtaking photos and information on nature and the environment.

U.S. Department of State – Environment, Science and Climate Change: This page is managed by the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. If you are looking for great environmental, medical, and scientific news, check out their page.

The Sierra Club: Do you care about the environment and want to share your voice? The Sierra Club helps people organize for a variety of environmental causes. They also provide environmental news and research.

Scientific News

ScienceNow: Space, health, and the earth are the main focus of this page. They also do a great job reporting on breaking science news and information.

Science News Magazine: This bi-weekly magazine has been published since 1922 and covers news in all scientific fields. The Facebook page loves to be the first to report a new scientific finding or idea.

Seed Magazine: For articles about how science affects culture, check out Seed Magazine‘s Facebook page.

National Science Foundation: NSF uses their Facebook page to share links with their readers. They often have YouTube videos or ask their readers to submit their own videos.

Scientific American Magazine: This Facebook page provides relevant and fascinating scientific news.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry: For all-around research and scientific findings check out OMSI‘s Facebook page. Their discussions can be quite humorous and informative.

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