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Facebook introduces reward program for reporting data abuse

Facebook comes with a so-called data abuse bounty program which according to the company is meant to protect the data of Facebook users. What amounts of people who can make reports can not be fully understood.

Facebook says that the amount of the compensation is based on the impact of an individual report. No maximum amount has been set for the notifications, although the company indicates that fees for notifications in the context of the existing bug bounty program sometimes amount to as much as $ 40,000; 32347 euro has been converted.
According to Facebook, the program was created to encourage people to make a report when apps collect user data and pass the data on to malicious parties. If that is the case, Facebook says it will remove the conscious app from the platform. In addition, it wants to carry out an audit and will, if necessary, initiate legal proceedings against the company behind the app or other parties.
Facebook promises that it will review all legitimate reports and that it will act quickly if there is a ‘credible threat’ for the user data. If the data is misused, it also informs the affected persons accordingly. Facebook announced the expansion of its bug bounty program in March, along with other measures .


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