Facebook improves tool to move its own data to other services

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Facebook is giving its Transfer Your Information tool an update and new features. For example, the tool allows users to transfer their Facebook photos to another service. The tool can now also sync with Photobucket and Google Calendar.

According to Facebook, the Transfer Your Information tool has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now simpler and more intuitive. The tool can be used by people who want to leave Facebook but transfer their content to other services first.

New is the possibility to export Facebook Events and from now on links can be made with Photobucket and Google Calendar. It was already possible to link with other services, such as Dropbox, Backblaze, WordPress, Google Docs and Google Photos.

According to Facebook, the new tool is more transparent about the status of a data transfer. It should also be easier to try transfers again if that doesn’t work at first. It is also now possible to perform multiple data transfers to one destination and filters have been added that allow users to select more precisely which data they want to transfer.

The tool is an alternative to downloading your own data from Facebook yourself. For example, to transfer photos to Photobucket, users must create an account link between Facebook and that service.

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