Facebook enables integration of apps with Messenger

Facebook has announced that it will turn its Messenger service into a platform where third parties can integrate their apps. In addition, the group has announced that it is rolling out Business on Messenger that allows companies to communicate with customers.

The announcements were made by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the F8 developer event. If users want to compose a message with Messenger, they can see which apps they have on their device that work with Messenger, and see a list of supported apps that they can install. Initially, it will be 40 apps for photos, video and audio such as Ditty, JibJab, Giphy, FlipLip Voice Changer, Memes, PicCollage and Gif Cam. The intention is that users, for example, update an animated gif from Messenger and can share it directly via messages.

In addition, Facebook will make it possible to communicate with companies via Messenger. For example, users can change orders via Businesses on Messenger and they can ask questions to webcare services. Businesses can initiate the interaction opportunities through their mobile site, after which all further communication takes place via Businesses on Messenger. Facebook reports that it will roll out the extensions ‘soon’ and that it will implement more innovations at Messenger.