Voip feature WhatsApp coming to iOS version soon

The voip functionality in WhatsApp, which is already accessible on Android, is coming soon to the iOS version of the app. WhatsApp has indicated that. On Android, the functionality can already be used for some time, although it is only accessible on the basis of invitations.

According to Brian Acton, WhatsApp co-founder, VoIP functionality will be coming to the iOS version of WhatsApp “in a few weeks.” He said that during the F8 developer conference of parent company Facebook, reports VentureBeat.

The functionality has been accessible in the Android version of the app for some time, although users can only use the functionality if they have already been called once via the voip function. It is unknown when WhatsApp will phase out this invite-only system and allow all users to access the functionality.

Speaking at the developer conference, Acton also said WhatsApp has no plans to allow third-party developers to access the app via an API. Several news organizations now use WhatsApp to send messages to users, but they use third-party hacks to do so, violating WhatsApp’s terms of use.

Parent company Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will give third-party developers access to its Messenger messaging service. Businesses can also use Messenger to communicate with customers.