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Facebook distances itself from top executive memo about growth at all costs

Actually, I do not really like it in the memorandum. They actually say what advocates of privacy say, and I agree with that.

Facebook says here that they have to expand their operating company at any cost.
Where did you hear privacy advocates speak of such expansionism?
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Agree, they do not fight for privacy, but for their own profit, but is that so strange for such a large company?

In a world which must be for people? Yes, that is very strange.
Do you want to ascribe human rights to companies or something? That a person is subordinate to a firm and that a company has the right to exploit people in order to earn more money?
It is the most selfish, most destructive, that a company can say. They say that their expansion is more important than any damage they do to humanity.
That is behaviour that also exposes diseases.
And I am also convinced that we must see these kinds of companies as diseases and must exterminate. They are not good for mankind.

I also do not think we should give up our privacy, because massive eclipses might be a crime or worse, I still do not find a good reason …

That is of course not what they say.
They say they have the right to exploit humanity. They call it bonding but that is what they earn money from, that is the root they all hold. And they say that even if that destroys mankind that they have to go blind with it.
It’s a bit like an uber who releases conscious brackish technology on mankind and has shit to humanity and to laws, just to make the top of the company ridiculously a lot of money.
These are companies that against behave humanity, not for. They are exploiters first class.
That is really an essential difference between those companies and privacy advocates.

How you can put them on an equal footing with people who are looking for you for a Making a better world is a mystery to me.
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