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Facebook: data Portal screen can be used for advertisements

Facebook says that data from its recently announced Portal screen can be used to show ads within its other services. The company said earlier that this would not be the case. It says it is a possibility, but there are no plans.

A Facebook spokesperson shared the information in response to questions from Recode . The site wrote on the recent announcement of the Portal devices based on information from Facebook that the company would not use data from the screens to show users specific information on Facebook. Now, however, the company comes back to this and states that these data can in principle be used to show targeted advertisements on other Facebook platforms.

A spokesperson says to Recode that users can, for example, use Messenger for video calling on a Portal- device, whereby the company collects the same information that it normally collects when using the service. This includes, for example, the length of a call and the number of calls. The use of apps on the Portal screens can also be collected in aggregate form, according to the spokesman.

Recode spoke to Rafa Camargo, who is responsible for Portal at Facebook. He would have apologized for providing incorrect information. He also stated, according to the site, that the data can in principle be used for targeted advertisements, but that he does not know if this will actually happen.

Facebook announced last week two Portal screens, which are equipped with speakers, microphones and cameras. Users can use it to make video calls and use various apps, such as Spotify. A 10 “and a 15” variant will be available. The cameras can be covered and switched off, the latter also applies to the microphone.

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