Facebook blocks Breda city council page

The Facebook page of the city council of Breda has become inaccessible to the city council and users since Tuesday. Facebook has not yet given a reason for taking the page offline.

The clerk of the Breda city council says that he has contacted BN DeStem with Facebook and is waiting for an assessment. The clerk says to always post ‘neutral’ content on the Facebook page and not to post messages that violate the guidelines. Comments will also be moderated according to the Registrar.

The city council uses the Facebook page two to three times a week, for example to post links to live streams of city council meetings. The municipal council also communicates which themes were discussed, the council agenda is included, it contains photos of working visits and informs the municipal council about political courses via the page. Finally, the city council is experimenting with live streaming of debates via Facebook.

In addition to Facebook, the city council also uses Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The city council is not blocked on these platforms. The Facebook page of the municipality of Breda is also online. Facebook has not yet responded.