Facebook allows Ukrainian users to block profiles with a single click

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Facebook now allows Ukrainian users to block their profiles with a single click. As a result, profile photos can no longer be shared or downloaded and other data is protected from visitors who are not friends of the users.

After activation of the lock function by Ukrainian Facebook users, only friends of those users can view photos, posts or stories and share the blocked Facebook profile. Posts that were previously public are then made accessible only for the Facebook friends to view or share. Finally, only a small portion of a Facebook profile’s info page is shown to accounts that do not belong to the friends list.

According to Nathaniel Gleicher, the head of security at the social media company, this new feature is intended to provide Ukrainian users with an “extra layer of security.” At the end of August last year, the company also made the same function available to Afghan users when a takeover by the Taliban took place there and there were fears of retaliation.

Lock Profile Feature Facebook

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