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Facebook advertises blood donations

Facebook launches the blood donation component for people in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. They can then see where they can donate blood in the neighborhood. Facebook users can also register to become a blood donor. If a blood donor is needed somewhere in the neighborhood, they will receive a notification.

Blood donations on Facebook

Meanwhile, more than eleven million people have registered as a blood donor on Facebook. There have been thousands of donations by Facebook. The reason that Facebook has made an overview of points where people can donate blood is that people often do not know where and when they can donate. Through ‘blood donation’ on Facebook people see where they can donate in their city. These can be centers, but also requests from organizations.

Campaign for donors

Facebook also runs a campaign in these countries to draw attention to the importance of blood donations. In May and June, the number of blood donations in many countries, including India, is the lowest. That is why Facebook’s campaign is being conducted in the month of June. The campaign explains how blood donation goes and encourages people to donate blood. There are stories of people who saved lives thanks to the blood donation feature of Facebook.

Facebook also collaborates with organizations in India, such as the National Blood Transfusion Council and the Ministry of Health to set up more than 2000 events in the blood donation option on Facebook.

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