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F1 TV streaming service will be available no later than 11 May

The recently announced streaming service for Formula 1 will only be made available for the Grand Prix of Spain, which will be held from 11 May. In addition, it appears that the service initially does not come in the Netherlands, but in Belgium.

In a message on his website, the organization says that the streaming service F1 TV will be available next month. A precise release date was not given, but it must at least be on time for the Grand Prix of Spain; it will be held on 13 May, but the first free practice will start on 11 May. If you are interested, you must pay an amount between 8 and 12 dollars per month, depending on the country in which the service is offered. It is calculated to be between 6 and 10 euros.
The message also shows that the Netherlands is probably not among the countries where F1 TV Pro, the premium version of the service with live race images, is offered. Belgium is mentioned. It is unclear whether and when the Netherlands will gain access to the streaming service.
The Formula 1 organization says that there will also be a cheaper F1 TV Access subscription, without a live video. This service must provide access to time measurements during the race and radio commentary. Furthermore, the subscription gives access to summaries of races and a video archive. F1 TV Access is available ‘almost worldwide’, so it is likely that Dutch people will get access to this.
The owner of Formula 1 announced last year that it wanted to do live streaming of races . Before the start of the racing season, the service was actually made but until a release it has not happened so far.


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