External Twitter apps are no longer working from today


Are you using a Twitter app from a third party, for example Twitterrific or Tweetbot? Then from today you will notice that these apps have fewer options. The creators of the apps can not do anything about that, Twitter itself is the culprit.

External Twitter apps less options

It has already been announced (and then even postponed), but as of today, the creators of Twitter apps have to deal with a new API. That is, in short, the access that Twitter provides to developers to its own system. The possibilities are therefore more limited. The exact consequences are not yet clear, but it is already certain that your timeline no longer automatically refreshes – there is a delay, or you have to refresh manually. Push notifications do not work either.

In itself, Twitter still offers the possibilities, but developers have to put a lot of money into the pouch. The amounts are so high that it can not be achieved for the makers. For Premium features, developers pay $ 2899 monthly for 250 users, for example. You can read this on the website of Apps of a Feather where the affected app developers have gathered.

How to use Twitter from now on?

Twitter also used the plug earlier this year from pulled their own Mac app so the possibilities do not stop. You could use Tweetdeck, that is from Twitter itself, but nobody is really enthusiastic about that and the program has not been updated for ages. Ideally, Twitter that you just use the browser – undoubtedly that is the most lucrative for Twitter.