Apple releases iOS 12 beta 8 after faltering beta 7

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Apple released iOS 12 beta 8 just a few days after iOS 12 beta 7 appeared and disappeared again. Beta 7 caused the necessary fetters and was therefore withdrawn by Apple.

What went wrong with beta 7?

Betas are meant to fish errors from new software and can therefore sometimes show some peculiarities. But iOS 12 beta 7 made it very colorful. The software caused devices to crash and was also extremely slow. For example, in the video below you can see how long it will take to open the App Store with this beta:

After a few hours, Apple decided to withdraw beta 7. And now there is beta 8 for developers. Meanwhile public beta 6 has also appeared for other interested parties – content is identical to developer beta 8.

New in iOS 12 beta 8

iOS 12 beta 8 is basically equal to beta 7, but without the fetters and slowness. Beta 7 was also remarkable because it lacked the new function Group conversations in FaceTime . The function was in previous betas, but never worked properly. Apple has also indicated that this feature – where up to 32 people can use FaceTimen at the same time – will not be present when the first official version of iOS 12 will be released. The course of events is reminiscent of Messages in iCloud in iOS 11. That function should have been in the very first version of iOS 11 last year, but appeared with nine months delay in iOS 11.4 .

Download iOS 12 beta 8

The iOS 12 beta 8 is available for developers with a license (cost: € 99). But there is also a free trial version of iOS 12: the public beta. Any interested person can download it. How to download the public beta on your iPhone or iPad, you can read in the article Public beta iOS 12 is out: so install it on your iPhone or iPad .


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