Epic Games Store Lists Five New PC Apps

The Epic Games Store is offering five new PC apps on its digital platform. Indie game platform Itch.io and open source browser Brave can be downloaded via the online store. Discord will also be included in the offer in the near future.

After users were able to download Spotify from the Epic Games Store in December, they can now also download the indie game platform Itch.io, the open-source browser Brave, music service iHeartRadio (US only), 3D modeling software KenShape and open source drawing program. Download Krita from the Epic Game Store.

Unlike other app stores from Apple or Google, for example, developers in the Epic Games Store have to pay less from their income, according to Epic. Developers also do not have to pay a commission for the in-app purchases sold when using their own payment methods. Since the end of 2019, the online store offers developers the option to use their own payment methods for in-app purchases.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, has long believed that developers should retain the right to market their own products on their own terms. He already denounced Microsoft’s closed app store model in 2016 and also goes to war against Apple because of its App Store policy. Last summer, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because developer Epic Games had broken the guidelines of the software store. As a reaction complained Epic Games Apple with regard to the App Store and the mandatory payment for in-app purchases. That lawsuit will start on May 3.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft would also see benefit in an app store with more freedoms. The software company is reportedly working on a new Windows Store that will allow developers to offer Win32 programs, host updates to apps over their own content delivery networks, and use their own payment methods.