Engineer designs and makes smartwatch with own hardware and software

An engineer has built his own smartwatch, making the hardware and software himself. The ‘SmartWatch’ has a round 1.3″ screen and only works with iPhones. The watch will not go into mass production for the time being.

The engineer, who calls himself smarmbme, has posted a description with photos on Imgur and posted the entire project on GitHub. The frame is made of 70 percent plastic and 30 percent wood and comes from a 3D printer. The result still had to be polished, because it came out of the machine frayed. The ‘Smart Watch’ can only display the time with a background of leaves and notifications from iPhones with a photo, the app where the notification came from and part of the text.

The round 1.3″ LCD is from Amelin and has a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The processor is a DA14683 from Dialog and has a Cortex M0 core at a maximum of 96MHz and Bluetooth 5.0 support. Partly due to this economical processor, 110mAh- battery lasts for a week on a charge. The engineer has added a cradle to charge the smartwatch. The pcb also contains 16MB of flash memory and a cheap vibration motor. The software is written in C and integrates Apple Notification Center Service, among others to forward notifications.

The engineer says anyone should be able to replicate the watch based on his documentation on GitHub, which includes the software, parts list, and schematic of all components.