Emvio smartwatch measures wearer’s stress level

The company Darta Systems plans to come up with a smartwatch whose main purpose is to measure the wearer’s stress level. This works based on fluctuations in the heart rate, showing the degree of stress on a scale of 1 to 10.

With a Kickstarter campaign, Darta Systems hopes to raise enough money to be able to release the smartwatch called Emvio. An amount of 250,000 Canadian dollars has to be raised, which is approximately 182,000 euros. A watch costs 206 Canadian dollars, converted 150 euros, although the Kickstarter campaign offers lower prices for early orders. The Emvio will be delivered in November.

The Emvio has sensors on board to measure stress levels. According to the manufacturer, there is an accurate heart rate sensor; By looking at fluctuations in heart rhythm, stress levels can be determined, Darta Systems said. A specially designed algorithm is used for the calculations. Darta Systems relies on scientific research that would show that fluctuation in the heart rhythm is a good indicator of stress. There is also a skin sensor on the smartwatch.

The Emvio can be used independently of a smartphone. Based on the measurements, the stress level is shown on a scale from 1 to 10. There is also an LED that, depending on the stress level, turns green, yellow or red. When a user is stressed for an extended period of time, an alert is issued by vibrating the watch. Incidentally, it is also possible to keep track of activities with the smartwatch: there is a pedometer on board and calories consumed are counted based on the heart rhythm.

According to Darta Systems, the Emvio can help users discover in which everyday situations they experience stress. With the help of the accompanying app, users can keep track of their ‘triggers’ and advice is also given on how to avoid stressful situations. Incidentally, the app is only available for iOS for the time being, although an Android version is being considered.