Eizo introduces 4k monitor with printed 21.6″ OLED panel from Joled

The Japanese manufacturer Eizo has presented a 4k OLED monitor. The 21.6″ panel comes from manufacturer Joled, which uses its own printing technology for this. Asus previously released a monitor with this panel.

The Eizo Foris Nova is a 21.6″ OLED monitor with a 4k resolution that, according to the manufacturer, is mainly intended for playing games or watching movies. The screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz, supports 10bit color reproduction and can display 80 percent of the rec.2020 color space HDR is supported by means of HDR10 and Hlg, but the peak brightness remains at 330cd/m², which is very low by HDR standards.

According to Eizo, the monitor has a response time of 0.04ms, going from black to white to black. It seems unlikely that this will be achieved given the refresh rate of 60Hz. The contrast ratio is very high at 1,000,000:1, which is normal for an OLED panel.

Eizo has confirmed that it uses an OLED panel from the Japanese company Joled for the Foris Nova. Joled uses its own RGB printing technique for its production, which should ultimately make the production of OLED panels cheaper. Earlier it appeared that Joled will start mass production of OLED panels from 10″ to 32″ next year. Joled was founded in 2015 and includes the former OLED divisions of Sony and Panasonic.

Incidentally, there is already a monitor on the market with presumably the same panel from Joled. It concerns the Asus ProArt PQ22UC, which is currently available for around 5000 euros. Just like the Foris Nova, this Asus monitor has a screen diagonal of 21.6″ and a peak brightness of 330cd/m².

Eizo’s online store shows that the Foris Nova monitor costs about 2980 euros excluding tax. The screen will ship in Japan from November 1, and should later be released elsewhere.