Gamer runs Doom on old cash register of fast food restaurant

The question with every piece of technology is, of course, whether it can run Doom. The game now runs on billboard trucks, digital cameras and TI-83 graphing calculators. As of last week, McDonald’s cash registers can be added to this list.

Ryan Edgar is a nineteen-year-old man with a love for classic anime and games. When he went to McDonald’s, he noticed that the establishment in question was replacing the old cash registers. McDonald’s couldn’t ask for money for such an outdated system, so Ryan was allowed to take such a monster home for free. Like a real tweaker, he asked himself whether it could also run Doom. The answer turned out to be positive, with his findings zijn on Twitter shares.

Edgar tells Kotaku that he achieved this by copying a version of ZDoom, also known as Doom XP, onto a USB stick. He put this in the cash register, after which the game was started via auto run. Through a USB hub, he can use a keyboard and mouse when playing the game.

He says that he does not know what the exact specifications of the money box are. The cash register in question appears to be running on a modified PoS version of Windows XP. According to Kotaku, he managed to run explorer.exe via the task manager, but it had a ‘strange encryption’.

Edgar tells Kotaku that he will try to use the register as a second PC. In the future, the Australian hopes to play Sonic Adventure 2 on it. Readers curious about what other systems can run Doom can take a look at ‘ItRunsDOOM’.