EA shows gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons

EA has shown the first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons and provided more information about the different modes included in the game. Players can control eight different starfighters, which have different characteristics.

The footage in the video was shot in the Frostbite engine, but not all shots are gameplay. The video starts with information about the single player campaign. Players take on the role of two pilots: Case Kassandora of the Galactic Empire and Rao Highmoon of the New Republic. EA promises a storyline with increasingly difficult missions. The gameplay takes place from the cockpit view. As far as we know, it is not possible to change the camera angle.

Star Wars: Squadrons features eight different starfighters. In multiplayer mode, players from both factions can choose from four spacecraft. They are divided into the categories Fighter, Interceptor, Support and Bomber. From the Galactic Empire, the Tie Fighter, The Interceptor, The Reaper and Tie Bomber are present. In addition, the New Republic’s X-Wing, A-Wing, U-Wing and Y-Wing are available. Each starfighter has different stats for firepower, speed and strength.

There are two multiplayer modes: Dogfight Mode pits two teams of five players against each other in a deathmatch. Accessories such as turrets, tractor beams and mines can also be used. Fleet Battles is the game’s main multiplayer mode. It revolves around multi-stage combat. The first round consists of dogfights, in the second round teams have to attack each other’s Capital Ships and the third round revolves around destroying the opponent’s large flagship. Also Fleet Battles is a 5vs5 mode, it is also possible to play it against ai opponents.

Players can customize their character and starfighter in multiplayer mode. The necessary items and components can be unlocked by playing the game. It is also possible to adjust the load-out of the starfighters, in order to make tactical choices.

EA showed the gameplay footage during its EA Play livestream. Star Wars: Squadrons was announced early this week with a cinematic trailer. The game will be released on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and for Windows, for 40 euros. The PC version will be available for purchase on Origin, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. There is crossplay support between all versions.

The PC and PS4 versions of Star Wars: Squadrons can also be played with VR glasses. The PC version also includes support for joysticks and hotas setups. It is not yet known whether that support is also available for consoles. Motive Studios, the developer of the game, says it will announce more about it later. The game is being developed in conjunction with Lucasfilm and published by EA.