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Dyson Pure Cool, provides cooling in the summer, cleans all year round

 They started removing the dirt from the ground with a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaners . And they have continued to clean the air in the house with a number of air cleaners.

More than 15 years of allergy research has yielded one conclusion: the most effective way to combat air pollution is to remove pollutants and allergens from the air. And that is exactly what Dyson does with this new technology.
An additional advantage is that they can also cool during this kind of warm days. The Dyson Pure Cool air purifier is equipped with a cooling fan function – in addition to which the machine not only cleans the air but also serves as a fan and cool air is distributed parallel to the room. Ideal for example in the office with temperatures of 25 degrees and higher .

Indoor air pollution

We often think that air pollution is only a big problem outside. But that’s it too indoors. What many people do not know and also do not take into account is that in an average house sometimes up to five times as polluted as the air outside. Sources of pollution, such as urban pollution, particulate matter and pollen, can enter your home and mix with sources of indoor pollution, such as cleaning products, dander, paint and cooking gases and scented candles.
Modern homes are becoming more and more isolated to be more energy-efficient, but this allows the pollution to be trapped inside because there is a lesser circulation of airflow.
Dyson air-cleaning fans monitor the contamination in real time, after which the substances and gases are collected in the renewed filter. In addition, there is a new LCD screen that shows which fine particles and gasses automatically detects the Dyson Pure Cool air-cleaning fan. The humidity and temperature are also displayed. After this, the purified air is distributed throughout the room.
By increasing the range of the machine to 350 degrees and using the Air Multiplier Technology, the machine can project 290 liters of purified air per second to every corner of the room.

Diffuse mode (for the winter)

You do not want the cooling effect in winter, so the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier has a diffuse mode. You can use this when you only want to purify the air, but you do not want to feel fresh air. Thanks to the Jet Focus air valve you can create a strong airflow with clean air. That cools the air in the summer while you clean the room.

Availability Dyson Pure Cool

The new Dyson Pure Cool air cleaners exist in two versions – a large tower for on the ground and a smaller version for a desk, worktop or even on the ground.

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