Driver Update: ATi Radeon Win9x 4.13.7041

In addition to new Voodoo3 3500 drivers, 3D Chipset also has new ATi Radeon drivers that are hot off the press. The drivers are dated November 17, and have version number 4.13.7041:

ATi Radeon Beta Win9x & WinME Driver


Date: 11/17/00

Size: 7.5mb

Download Here

Release Notes:

– File size is now 7.5mb (Now zipped for more common use)

– Performance seems to be slower than 3063 release

– Image quality seems to be darkened

– Released from Rage Underground

– Drivers are dated: 11/17/00

– English Language version

– DirectX 8 Beta Drivers

– No TV Out Option

Version number 4.13.7041
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website 3D Chipset