Driver update: ATi Radeon drivers 4.13.7075 (Win9x)

hjs writes: “After some more detonator violence it is now ATI’s turn again. official 4.13.7075 drivers for win98/me (same number as the betas from a while back).”

The following improvements have been made:

  • fixes an issue where items are invisible when dragged or drawn in Macromedia Flash 4 or 5
  • fixes an issue where multi-colored lines appear down the right hand side of the screen in some programs when Anti-Aliasing is enabled
  • fixes textures from the track flickering on the rear view mirror in Grand Prix 3
  • fixes Homeworld appearing in the upper right portion of the screen if OpenGL Full-Scene Anti-Aliasing is enabled
  • fixes an issue where the sky and pointers are corrupt in Midtown Madness 2

Version number 4.13.7075
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website ati