Dobbertin Hydrocar: the million dollar boat / car with 762 HP

It’s a boat. But also a car. An amphibious vehicle, as it is called. You saw them a lot in the 80s, but now that everything is flying so easily, there is not much talk about cars that can swim. The people who designed the Dobbertin Hydrocar do not like that much, because after ten years (!) In development and a million of investments they have finally made their dream vehicle.

The Hydrocar has pontoons on the side that can go up and down. Up is on land, because that gives the wheels the space to hit the ground. However, if they are lowered, the colossus changes into a so-called tunnel-hull speedboat. That sounds like it’s going fast, and that’s right: with 762 HP, the Hydrocar is powerful enough to land 200 kilometers per hour and up to 100 kilometers per hour at sea.