Do you also have enough of those boring clothes hangers?

The pendant was always seen as an accessory that belongs to fashion, and not as a product in itself. As a result, it only fulfilled one task (that which the fashion industry demanded of him) and nothing else. But hangers are nowadays one of the best-selling items. You really have them in all shapes, sizes and colors, and even in a different price category.

But in contrast to the often cheap and easy to bend metal hangers, or the somewhat stiff, bulky plastic hangers (which your closet is probably full of) there is also just quality available. Special hangers for shirts or blouses some more luxury clothes hangers or durable hangers. And they are even special for kids or babies.

1. Shirt hangers

If you wear a t-shirt once, of course you want it to be good and look good, you do not want to be too sloppy. And why would you store all those beautiful polos piled up in a dark cupboard? These special shirthangers (available via entrepreneur YourHanger ) bring out the best in your shirts.

Do you prefer classy and classic? Then black, white and brown are the best shades for you. But are your trends aware? Then try gold, gunmetal, copper or gray. Or would you prefer something more striking? Then choose green, red, yellow or blue.

2. Luxury clothes hangers

May it for you all more with class. Then you now have to exchange all your old hangers for luxury clothes hangers. And the thicker the hanger, the longer your items stay in shape.

You can choose from luxurious wooden clothes hangers, which then come in bamboo, oak or lotushout. But they can also be made of metal for a more simplistic atmosphere. And in terms of color you can go in all directions. From stylish black to serene white, from gray to sensual red and from copper to gunmetal.

3. Something for everyone

You do not believe your eyes when you see all the different possibilities. They are especially for children and babies, but also for every pant, skirt or suit. It is so popular at the moment that even kickstarter projects are launched around hangers. There is really enough choice. Time to dispose of those old plastic things, because they really can not do more, and then choose what suits you best.


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