DJI applies far-reaching restrictions on drones if users don’t register

Chinese tech company DJI has made a change to the activation process for its associated DJI Go app for its international customers. If users do not register their drones, the flight ceiling and range will be limited and the live video feed can no longer be used.

Users who have activated and registered their drone will need to log into their DJI account once when updating to the latest version of the DJI Go and Go 4 app. If this application activation process is not completed, the latest real-time geofencing will not work for that region and restrictions will become active: live streaming from the camera will not be possible, and the drone will not be able to fly higher than 30 meters and only within a radius of fifty meters. DJI has announced this on its website.

These new restrictions will take effect on all DJI drones that have been updated to the latest firmware or are using the DJI Go and Go 4 apps. Once the activation has been completed and the correct account information has been entered, you can fly as normal. DJI has said that the new firmware will be released soon; It is not clear exactly when the update will appear.

The intent of this update is to prevent users from getting out of the latest geofencing. This technique prevents users from flying their drones in areas where this is not allowed. With geofencing, a database is consulted with prohibited locations for drones, such as airports. This prohibited areas list is continuously updated. Drones with outdated firmware may therefore still be able to fly in places where that is no longer allowed.