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Digital Wellbeing, new service against smartphone addiction from Google

Google presented a number of new and improved applications yesterday during their annual developer conference Google I / O. Perhaps the most striking is the new service with the most exotic name ‘Digital Wellbeing’. This service will soon be part of the latest version of the Android operating system abbreviated as Android P.

Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing has to combat smartphone addiction. A phenomenon that perhaps has to do with the entire Western world and Asia. We can not live without it and even if your smartphone is silent, we look at it anyway, you should have missed something. Via a new dashboard you can see with Android P how much time you spend on your most popular apps. And that is, we already know for sure, scare.
Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, email you can predict it yourself. Digital Wellbeing will soon ensure that in ‘extreme’ use the apps will be partly ‘switched off’, where they appear with shades of gray. This will undoubtedly be turned off again but it will certainly help in the awareness of our smartphone use.
Google also thinks of your night’s sleep because with the Android P you can temporarily stop push messages and there will be a special night mode without blue light which has a negative effect. A black and white screen will soon make you aware that it’s time to go to bed.

YouTube Take a break reminder

Within YouTube, there is a kind of similar function and as a user you can see how much time you spent watching videos on the platform. You can set up your own notifications, the so-called “ Youtube Take a break reminder ” that will remind you that you might be staring at your smartphone for too long and that it’s time to stop here to stop.

It is clear that Google wants to address our smartphone addiction. You have to know it all yourself, of course, but some help that makes it clear that it is not good can never hurt. The solution for total peace is also there, that is soon your Android smartphone with the screen down on the table, this in one operation it quiet and you receive no more notifications, at least you hear them no more. Digital Wellbeing!

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