Developer shares flight info Elon Musk on Twitter again, but delayed

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Developer Jack Sweeney shares flight information from Elon Musk on Twitter again, but with a 24-hour delay. Previously, his accounts, including @ElonJet, were suspended for sharing real-time location data of Musk and other well-known individuals.

Sweeney splits up his website called a link to a new Twitter account @ElonJetNextDay. The description states that Musk’s flight details are displayed with a 24-hour delay. It seems that the developer is complying with this new rules from Twitter holds. These prescribe that sharing people’s real-time locations is not allowed.

Earlier this month, around 30 of the developer’s accounts were suspended by Twitter, including Sweeney’s personal account. Journalists who referred to the account were also suspended for a short time. In addition to Musk’s flight information, Sweeney also shared that of other famous people. For now, the new account @ElonJetNextDay is still up and running on Twitter. Musk’s flight data can be seen in real time via @ElonJet on other social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Mastodon.

Landed in Oakland, California, US. apx. flt. time 3 Hours : 20 Mins. (24 hours ago)

— ElonJet but Delayed (@ElonJetNextDay) December 22, 2022

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