Developer puts GameBoy emulator for iOS back online

Developer Riley Testut has made its GameBoy emulator for iOS available again. The software was previously taken offline after a dmca request from Nintendo. According to the maker, Nintendo’s copyright is no longer infringed.

The GameBoy emulator installation software appeared on Testut’s website, including the installation instructions. The creator announced the arrival of GBA4iOS already announced on Twitter. The new version of the emulator no longer refers to websites where ROMs can be downloaded. This would have been the reason for the dmca request, which led to his website being taken offline, Testut explains on his blog.

In the new version of the emulator, the links to ROM sites have been removed, but instead links to a browser screen that opens Google. Although the developer does not say it in so many words, users are expected to look for ROM files themselves to play games with. In this way Testut tries to circumvent copyright objections.

Last week it was announced that the popular emulator GBA4iOS was taken offline by Github, where Testut hosted its files, at the request of the US branch of Nintendo. The app, which requires no jailbreak for installation, has already been downloaded more than a million times and emulates GameBoy, GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance games. The software is installed outside of the App Store by using an enterprise certificate from Apple. Such a certificate is intended for large companies that want to distribute apps internally, but the developer of the GameBoy app would have obtained one anyway.

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