Developer must get Oculus SteamVR streaming feature from Quest app

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The developer of the Virtual Desktop app for the Oculus Quest is required by the maker of the VR goggles to remove SteamVR games to the goggles from their own desktop. According to the developer, Oculus says that feature harms the Quest glasses.

By default, the Quest can only run games and apps from its own Oculus Store, but thanks to Virtual Desktop it became possible to stream SteamVR games. That function must now be removed from the app, the developer says on Reddit. The feature to run games from Valve’s download store would harm the Quest.

The move appears to indicate that Oculus doesn’t want apps to enable streaming of other games in order to sell games on its own Store, but Road to VR points out that it’s possible that the developer may change the feature when making the feature. rules, such as using unauthorized APIs.

By default, Virtual Desktop allows users to stream their own desktop to the Quest in order to do things in VR on their own PC, such as watching videos that are stored locally. An update made streaming games possible a few days ago. The Quest is a recently released standalone VR headset from Oculus.

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