Developer manages to get root access on the Pixel 3 smartphone

American developer John Wu, known from root method Magisk, has managed to get root access on the Pixel 3. This makes it easier for smartphone users to install custom ROMs.

In a short message on Twitter let Wu, who is also known online under the pseudonym topjohnwu, know that his attempts were successful, something he underlined by posting an image. It can be seen that he obtained root with the Magisk Manager he developed on his Pixel 3 smartphone.

It seems that he used an early version of Magisk for obtaining root access, which is not yet a stable release released. Wu said earlier that using Magisk on the Pixel 3 led to bootloops and other problems with startup. So those problems seem to have been fixed in a new version of the root manager.

Magisk is a root method that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, because it does not require changes to system files. In addition, telephones with Magisk can often pass Google SafetyNet . Phones that do not pass the check can not install apps like Netflix in the Play Store.


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