Details of GoPro Hero 7 action cameras appear online early

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An online store has put information about the GoPro Hero 7 Black, White and Silver online. The cameras get, among other things, a mode for vertical movies and the top model gets so-called HyperSmooth video stabilization.

The GoPro Hero 7 Black can film in 4k at 60fps, in 2.7k at 120fps and in 1080p at 240fps. The camera does that with a 12-megapixel sensor. Those specifications are equal to the current top model, the GoPro Hero 6 Black. However, the most expensive version in the Hero 7 series gets new features like HyperSmooth video stabilization, which is a form of digital image stabilization that GoPro claims produces images that look like they were shot with a gimbal.

The Hero 7 Black can take a maximum of thirty photos per second and raw files can also be captured. The action camera also has a new HDR function for photos. The top model gets an optional adapter to connect an external microphone and has an HDMI output.

The lower-ranked GoPro Hero 7 Silver has a 10-megapixel sensor and can film in 4k at 30fps and in 1440p or 1080p at 60fps. The cheapest GoPro Hero 7 White also has a 10-megapixel sensor, but that model only films in 1080p at 60fps. The Silver and White models have video stabilization, but not the HyperSmooth variant of the most expensive model. They take pictures at up to 10fps.

The three cameras all have housings that are waterproof up to ten meters deep and a 2″ LCD. GoPro provides the Hero 7 series with a vertical movie mode, with which the manufacturer wants to make it easy to use the creations on social media All models feature GoPro’s Voice Control for voice control.

The details about the new GoPro cameras are in a press release from photo shop B&H, the links to the product pages no longer work and it is not known what the cameras will cost. GoPro plans to announce the cameras Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. and is counting down to the presentation on its website.

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