‘Amazon reveals the arrival of a subwoofer for Echo speakers’

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Amazon reportedly briefly had the Echo Sub online, a subwoofer that users can combine with other Echo speakers for better sound. In addition, Echo speakers would support stereo, with a speaker for each channel.

The Echo Sub must show the low tones with a 100W speaker, Pocket-Lint reports. Users can only use the Sub in combination with a regular Echo or Echo Plus for playing music. These are not included in the price of 75 pounds, which is currently about 85 euros.

New is that users can connect the Sub to two Echos, with each of those speakers taking on one of the channels for stereo sound. Apple also added that feature to its Homepod speakers this summer.

The product page appeared on Amazon.co.uk, but the web store has taken it offline again. It is unknown when the American company would like to present the Echo Sub and whether the device will also go on sale in the Benelux.

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