Cybersecurity book by ‘Nieuwsuur expert’ is re-released with more references

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The book about cybersecurity by former minister Willem Vermeend and ‘hacker’ Rian van Rijbroek, which was previously withdrawn from the market due to plagiarism, is being published again. The new version contains some new source references.

According to publisher EinsteinBooks, the new version, which should be released soon, contains four extra sources, De Telegraaf reports. These references were missing in the original edition of the book. The new source references are added to passages from five Wikipedia articles, paragraphs from two NRC articles and an explanation of computer intrusion by ICT lawyer Arnoud Engelfriet. In the new version of the book, both authors also respond to the fuss that has arisen about plagiarism.

A week ago, the publisher decided to withdraw the book, while the company initially said footnotes had been removed from the book. Various media have gone through the book in the aftermath of that incident and a scan by NOS revealed many passages copied without citing the source.

It concerns the book The world of Cybersecurity and Cybercrime, which was published in December. The book previously attracted attention after author Van Rijbroek said in an item about DDoS attacks on banks in the TV program Nieuwsuur that the attacks were, among other things, a prelude to a hack in which ATMs would eject banknotes. Nieuwsuur published a fact check on January 31, in which there appeared to be little to no evidence for Van Rijbroek’s claims.

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