Color important messages in Mail for iOS with flags

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Your inbox is full of email messages that you mainly want to keep. The e-tickets of a concert. Your hotel’s reservation confirmation. That newsletter with that one brilliant iPhone tip. The date stick for Easter. One problem, however, is the almost infinite flow of less important e-mail messages, causing you to lose them. There is something you can do with a Mail app tool: Mark.

Mail flag iPhone

The Mark feature organizes your inbox with colored flags, a feature introduced in iOS 13. This makes it easy to find and recognize important emails.

1. Open the Mail app

Open the Mail app. A quick way to flag an email is to swipe it to the left and tap “Mark”. It is not possible to choose a color: the e-mail will receive an orange flag.

2. Additional options

To choose a specific shade, you must first open the mail. Then tap the arrow at the bottom right. A menu with all kinds of options will appear. Tap “Mark”.

3. Change the color

The mail gets an orange flag again, but you can now also choose one of the six other color options. Choose the color red and tap the cross and “Incoming” to go back.

4. Urgent

Mark all urgent emails with a red flag. You changed the default color to red in the previous step, so swiping an email to the left and tapping “Mark” is sufficient.

5. Many flags

If you want to hand out a lot of flags, it is faster to tap “Change” at the top right and select multiple mails. At the bottom left, choose “Mark” twice and they have the flag.

6. Other flags

Also, highlight other types of email messages. For example, give emails with important e-tickets a yellow flag, or mark messages that are nice to keep with a green color.

7. Own folder

A marked mail remains in “Incoming”, but Mail also collects it in a separate folder. Click “Mailboxes” in the top left and go to the “Marked” folder to see them in one list.

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