Code from iOS 14.6 beta contains images of Beats Studio wireless earbuds

IOS 14.6 beta code contains images of unannounced Beats earplugs. 9to5Mac reports this based on its own research. The earplugs are called Beats Studio Buds in the iOS beta, but it is unknown this will be the official name.

9to5Mac reports that the Beats Studio Buds are completely wireless and come with a charging case, just like parent company Apple’s AirPods earbuds. The earplugs would also support active noise cancellation, 9to5Mac writes.

The earplugs would also receive some other AirPods-like functions. For example, the Studio Buds Pro would contain a chip that allows users to easily connect the earplugs to their Apple products. Siri is also supported via Studio Buds.

It is not yet clear when Apple will announce the new Beats earplugs. The company will be releasing Apple Music Lossless in June, and it is likely that the company will also be rolling out its new Beats earbuds around that time. Apple will hold a WWDC presentation on June 7. That event is primarily for software-related announcements, although the company sometimes also announces new products during WWDC.