Chromecast with Google TV HD includes option to unlock bootloader

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Google’s new Chromecast includes an option in the developer menu that unlocks the streaming device’s bootloader. It is unclear whether Google will remove the feature at a later date.

AFTVnews has discovered the option in the developer menu of the newly released Chromecast with Google TV HD. The option is easy to turn on and off, but Google does warn that security risks arise once the bootloader is unlocked. The option is called ‘OEM unlocking’ which may indicate that the setting is actually intended for manufacturers. It is therefore not certain whether the function will be usable for a long time.

Google released a Chromecast with Google TV in 2020. With this variant it is not officially possible to unlock the bootloader, although it does exist an unofficial method to get this done again. This takes advantage of a bug in the device’s bootROM.

Option to unlock bootloader in developer menu Chromecast with Google TV