Elon Musk shows AI company X AI, without concrete applications yet

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Elon Musk has presented his AI company. X AI now has a website and social media channels, but it is not yet known what the company will do or which products it is working on.

Elon Musk has put the company’s website online. That company is called X AI, but according to Musk it has nothing to do with X Corp, Elon Musk’s company, which now also includes Twitter. X AI says it ‘works closely with X, Tesla and other companies’, but without providing details.

Musk has wanted to focus more on artificial intelligence for years. He was one of the first investors and board members of GPT maker OpenAI, but has not been involved for some time. Musk has said he wants to do more with AI in recent months, but has so far been vague about what exactly that means.

It is not yet known what exactly X AI will do or which products it may build. The website only states that X AI wants to ‘learn the true nature of the universe’, but this Friday Elon Musk will hold a Twitter Space conversation in which he wants to provide more information. In April of this year, Musk announced that he wanted to build his own chatbot and there were already rumors that Twitter was working on its own large language model for which thousands of GPUs were purchased. The company also employs individuals who previously worked in the artificial intelligence departments of various tech companies, including Google and Microsoft.

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