Rumor: Apple is working on its own applications based on a large language model

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Apple may be working on its own applications based on its own large language model, reports financial news agency Bloomberg. The company has not yet decided how it wants to use that technology.

OpenAI ChatGPT pretends to be AppleGPT

Apple wants to work with generative AI with its own large language model, reports Bloomberg. The grand language model is based on it Google Jaxframework and is called Ajax. To demonstrate the capabilities of the language model, the company built an internal chatbot, which some employees refer to as ‘AppleGPT’. It is not the intention to release it to the public quickly.

The language model may be useful for digital assistant Siri. It has existed since the iPhone 4s in October 2011, but quickly fell behind competitors from other companies. Apple has built several artificial intelligence features into its software, such as the new autocorrect in iOS 17 and automatically extracting text from photos and videos. Apple did not respond to the message. Bloomberg author Mark Gurman is generally well informed about Apple issues and has often released accurate information about Apple products and services at an early stage.

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