Chromebooks will probably get Nearby API for Bluetooth beacons

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Chromebooks will probably receive support for the Nearby api from Android, according to various commits. The Nearby API allows devices to make contact at a short distance from each other, such as beacons that work with Bluetooth.

Several commits indicate that Google is in the process of bringing the Nearby api from Android to Chrome OS, reports XDA-Developers. With that api, bluetooth beacons can transmit a signal, so that users see a certain message. This is useful, for example, at events. Devices can also communicate with each other without having to be on the same network.

Developers can use the Nearby API to let devices discover each other via WiFi, Bluetooth or ultrasonic signals. Parts of Better Together, a set of features to make Chromebooks and Android phones work together, may also work via the Nearby api. With Better Together, a nearby phone automatically offers to serve as a hotspot for the Chromebook.

It is unknown what exactly Google wants to use the Nearby api in Chrome OS for. The search giant has not yet announced anything about integrating Nearby into its operating system for laptops.

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