Chrome will give a warning soon if your site does not have https

The switch to safe (er) https for websites is already very well underway so Google decided that it is also time to get the notifications you have in your browser gets to adjust. You must be able to assume that the sites you visit are safe, so from the end of this year Chrome version 69 will turn things around (eh) and the ‘secure’ message will disappear. As of Chrome 70, there is even only a notification if a site is not running on https and your data and interactions with that site are not encrypted.

You already got a notification if Google thinks that a site can be dangerous to you as a visitor, but this will be an extra measure that is also partly intended to push website owners to turn their site into https. If your site is perceived as unsafe by everyone, you will also be encouraged to do something about it. So if you still have sites that have not yet been converted or converted, then it is real time.

Balancing in balance

You will receive the message according to Emily Schechter, product manager of Chrome if you are actually going to enter data on an unencrypted page. Google apparently wanted to do this before, but the huge number of pages that have not yet been converted would mean too much of a burden on Google’s servers. From October they assume that it can be done, and then we can really say that the https conversion of the web has been successful.

This does not automatically make everything safe. The fact that your website data is encrypted between sender and receiver does not mean that no bad things happen to the data you send, only that no one can stand in the middle and secretly take the data with you. It could therefore just be that in 2019 or 2020 we will get another kind of safety indicator, but then for another problem.


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