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Chrome removes "safe" designation in address bar at https sites

Websites that use a https connection will no longer be referred to as “safe” in Chrome version 69 from September. The green word ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ then disappears in the address bar.

Google reports that the designation ‘safe’ is being removed, because users of websites that support an https connection can expect this standard is safe. If there is a security problem, users will be notified.
Websites that do not yet use https will be indicated in Chrome in the address bar with the red text ‘not secure’. Google has not done this before, because according to the company, http was still too much used.
Google has been busy for years moving websites to switch to secure https connections. As early as 2014, the company announced the plan to mark non-https connections as “unsafe.”

The way websites use from http in Chrome 70.


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