Inactivity reminder is a free Chrome idle reminder that you can use to receive notifications after specified minutes of inactivity. This is a simple Chrome extension where you can specify the time in minutes and then a notification will be displayed if Chrome remains inactive during that time. After adding the extension, you can just launch it and run it behind the scenes. It will automatically notify you when there is inactivity. The extension is very simple and you can use it very easily in any Chromium-based browser.

Often people are simply distracted from their work and leave their browsers. Most people do that and start using their phones and have lost track of time and work. This is a useful extension for those people as it will keep reminding them to get back to work after detecting some inactivity in the browser. It’s that simple. The extension I added here is open source and you need to install it manually. Not only this, maybe in the next update there will be a feature to get notifications on other devices.

This extension is currently not available in the Chrome Web Store, so you will need to install it manually. You can clone the GitHub repository from Inactivity Reminder from here and then proceed with the installation. To install the extension manually, see How to install Google Chrome Extension from thrid party.