Chrome gets support for more than one window in Android 12

Google gives the Chrome browser with Android 12 support for up to five windows. For example, users can group one or more tabs within a window, to make it easier to switch between certain tab groups when switching apps, for example.

XDA-Developers discovered the windows function within Chromium and writes that this mode is enabled by default with Android 12. When this feature is enabled, users can choose to move a tab to a new window. That window functions similar to a window on the desktop Chrome version. For example, windows share the Google account and history, but can be displayed as groups of tabs independently of each other.

This means that different windows can also be seen as different apps if a user wants to switch between apps. Also, windows in split screen mode can be linked to other windows or to other apps. The Android 12 version of Chrome allows users to open up to five windows, with unlimited tabs within each window. Windows also remain intact after a smartphone reboot.

With the Android 12 version of Chrome, users also get a window management tool. Here they can see all open windows, including the number of tabs. They also see which tab within a window is active and in which window the user is now. Within this management tool, users can close, open or open a window in split screen.

Earlier Android versions of Chrome now also have a split-screen mode, where two windows can be opened side by side. This requires users to open another app in split-screen mode besides Chrome. Then they can choose ‘Move to other window’ within Chrome’s hamburger menu, which opens a second Chrome window. However, this second window closes as soon as split screen mode is exited.

Via XDA Developers.