Chrome gets colors for grouped tabs

Google’s Chrome team has added colors to “Tab Groups,” the upcoming feature that allows users to bundle tabs from websites. The feature is present in the Canary version of Chrome.

In the latest version of Chrome Canary, created tab groups are given different colors. The indication of which group is involved will then have the same color as a selected tab, while the other tabs in that group show the color in a lighter shade. The name of the group cannot be changed and users cannot choose the color themselves.

In any case, the Chrome team has been working on the implementation of tab groups in the browser since November last year. The feature must be activated as an experimental flag option in order to be used. It is unknown when the functionality will come to a stable version of the browser. Currently, grouping tabs does not work flawlessly.

Also new in the latest version is that logged in users with synchronization enabled can send URLs to Chrome on another device, Chrome Story writes. This ‘Send tab to self’ function also needs to be enabled via a flag and works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.