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Chrome browser gets a scrollable tab bar

Google confirms that users will be able to scroll to the row of tabs they have open when the next update of the Chrome browser is released. With this, Chrome follows the other popular browsers, which have had this function for some time.

One of the designers of the Chrome interface, Peter Casting, confirms the arrival of the scrollable tab on Reddit. He reports that Google is working on it, but does not say how long it takes for this feature to come to the browser. In response to a user’s question about how to deal with large amounts of tabs, Casting responds that it can help to push shift or ctrl and click on multiple tabs so that the selection can be dragged to a new window as a group.

Chrome makes the tabs smaller and smaller as the user opens them, making tab management more and more difficult. Competing browsers such as Firefox, Edge, and Safari use a limit for the reduction of the tabs so that for example some text remains visible next to the favicon. This means that some of the tabs disappear from view, but by scrolling in the tab bar you can access them. Earlier this week, indications appeared that Chrome is given the opportunity to group tabs This is similar to an Edge feature to temporarily set groups of tabs aside.


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